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实博体育app平台  王毅在演讲中讲述了实博体育app平台人民在实博体育app平台主席坚强领导下众志成城抗击新冠肺炎疫情的故事,表示实博体育app平台政府采取的严格彻底举措正在显现效果,实博体育app平台完全有信心、有能力、有把握战胜这场疫情,相信疫情过后,实博体育app平台实博体育app平台将在更健康和可持续轨道上阔步前行,实博体育app平台人民将以更坚实的步伐,实现全面小康,摆脱绝对贫困,迈向中华民族的伟大复兴。


实博体育app平台  跨越东西差异,践行多边主义

实博体育app平台  ——在第56届慕尼黑安全会议上的演讲

实博体育app平台  国务委员兼外交部长 王毅

实博体育app平台  (2020年2月15日,慕尼黑)



  Your Excellency Chairman Wolfgang Ischinger,


  Ladies and Gentlemen,

实博体育app平台  很高兴出席第56届慕尼黑安全会议,和新老朋友们相聚。

实博体育app平台  It gives me great pleasure to attend the 56th Munich Security Conference and join friends old and new.


  We attend this year's MSC at an unusual moment, as my colleagues and I came straight from a battlefront. Under the strong leadership of President Xi Jinping, the Chinese government is engaged in a vigorous effort to combat the sudden outbreak of a novel virus. The 1.4 billion Chinese people are united as one in fighting this "war without smoke". We resolve to protect the city of Wuhan, protect Hubei province, and protect every fellow countryman who is struggling with the virus. And we are determined to fight and win this battle.


实博体育app平台  On the very day of the lunar new year, President Xi Jinping personally chaired a meeting to direct the outbreak response, declaring an all-out war on the epidemic. The government promptly established a national framework of comprehensive, inter-agency response. Premier Li Keqiang went to Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak, to inspect epidemic control efforts. From the central government to local governments, from urban to rural areas, the whole nation is battling the epidemic with resolve and self-sacrifice. Nothing short of the most comprehensive, rigorous and thorough-going measures have been taken.

实博体育app平台  正如许多国家领导人所说,实博体育app平台人民战胜疫情的决心令人惊叹,中方行动速度之快、规模之大,世所罕见,展示出的实博体育app平台速度、实博体育app平台规模、实博体育app平台效率,显示了实博体育app平台制度的优势。

  As many world leaders noted, it is admirable that the Chinese government and people have shown firm resolve in dealing with the epidemic. The high speed and massive scale of China's response are rarely seen in the world. China's speed, scale and efficiency all demonstrate the strengths of China's system.


实博体育app平台  Wuhan may be the front line in this battle, yet Wuhan is not fighting alone. We Chinese across the country stand firmly with our brothers and sisters in Wuhan and Hubei. Let me highlight a few examples of our united effort.


实博体育app平台  Scientists and researchers, who have been working day and night, isolated the first virus strain and developed the test reagent in less than seven days. Hailed as heroes in harm's way, over 20,000 healthcare workers in 100 plus medical teams converged in Hubei, the hardest hit province, from across the nation to support epidemic control. Exemplifying professional dedication, all medical workers are saving and protecting lives around the clock despite the risk of infection and exhaustion from overwork.

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